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By virtue of his unique, student-centric approach, Payam has put many students on their path to musical growth and success. When it comes to guitar lessons and instruction methodology, students of Payam have gone on to say that he’s unsurpassed as a guitar instructor and performer.

A patient, kind, and knowledgeable instructor/performer. Payam understands how to help his students learn the fundamentals of music and guitar technique while enjoying the process.

Payam was the best teacher I found. He is a very knowledgeable guitar teacher who brings a lot to the table. I looked forward to sessions with him because he would make the lessons fun and keep encouraging to do better. He can teach and play any genre with comparative ease. He manages the sessions to the level of the student ability with just enough new steps to push them further to learn more advanced steps. Payam is your right choice if you are looking for a professional guitar player and a masterful teacher.

Creative and knowledgeable in the fields of classical, rock, jazz, blues as well as a vocalist. Also music theory and as consultant preparing students for college of Choice in the field of music.

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Professional Guitar Lessons in Irvine, CA

With years of experience in guitar instruction, Dr. Payam Larijani at Orange County Guitar Academy offers comprehensive guitar lessons across numerous styles of music. With student-centric teaching methods and a proven track record in instruction in a number of different genres, Orange County Guitar Academy is the gold standard in guitar lessons in and around Irvine, CA.

Benefits of Enrolling in Guitar Academy

Students should understand that playing music can be extremely beneficial in several ways. Our guitar lessons help students with analytical thought processes, understanding theoretical concepts and applying them, and cultivating a habit of practice and discipline through self-expression.

At the Orange County Guitar Academy, we see the guitar as a fundamental part of that belief, as it is one of the easiest instruments to learn to play and express yourself. According to an article for Federal Practitioner, Debra Shipman, PhD, RN explains that the “therapeutic outcomes of playing music include better communication skills, improved emotional release, and decreased anxiety and agitation. Musical training promotes cognitive function, mental health, and a connection to others.”

We truly believe in the power of music to empower, enable and uplift people’s lives. We offer a convenient, accessible and friendly environment in which our students can learn and grow as musicians.

What to Expect in Guitar Lessons

At the Orange County Guitar Academy, students can expect professional, experienced guitar lessons in almost any genre they wish to pursue.

From rock and jazz, to classical and Latin-inspired styles like Flamenco, our guitar lessons help students navigate the many styles of music to find the ones that they love. We offer guitar lessons that are extremely versatile, and designed to be as fun, interactive and engaging as possible. Our primary instructor, Dr. Payam Larijani, often says that offering students the ability to experience different genres and letting them experiment with different ideas is extremely beneficial. This makes our guitar lessons unique

With an extremely deep background in music and influences that range from legends like Pink Floyd to Andalusian gypsy music, Dr. Larijani is the very embodiment of that philosophy.

Personalized Guitar Lessons

At the Orange County Guitar Academy, we offer structured guitar lessons tailored to the goals and previous experience of each student.

Beginners can expect a balanced session, starting with warm-up exercises to get them accustomed to moving up and down the fretboard. Each guitar lesson is in an individual setting, giving the instructor the ability to observe and instruct the student directly. Doing this helps students build on their technique, correct posture, and learn different ways in which they can navigate the guitar.

Students who have the basics down will typically move on to learning more about the style of music they prefer. Learning music is a highly expressive endeavor, so we offer a free, introductory session so that you can get a feel for how our lessons go.

Private Guitar Lessons in Irvine, CA

Whether you’re new to the guitar, or you’re picking one back up and looking to hone your existing skills, contact us today. At Orange County Guitar Academy, we have the years of experience needed to provide you with a lesson plan that works for you.